A Walk Through Nantahala

soft edge walk in woods

Join me for a short a walk.  You won’t be disappointed.  We’ll begin just outside our door, and not go far. Let’s wander around the property a bit, and take a short hike in the woods.Our walk will take you through time.

We’ll begin when the ground still crinkles a bit when we walk in the shade.  We’ll discover flowers so eager to wake after a long winter sleep that they brave the cold of those first snow covered spring days.

The wind will whistle as we make our way among the Bloodroots, Violets, and Wild Strawberries.  The leaves on the trees are not yet out; not even the buds are in view. A little further in time a light green canopy will appear over us and with it the bright orange “flame” azaleas will come.  The Phlox will sway in the breeze, and Ox-Eyed Daisies will cheer us. Let’s enter the woods.  Galax, Pipsissewa, Indian-Pipe, and Rattlesnake Plantain await us.  It is quiet and shady there. But, watch where you’re going, because some of what we have come to see is so small, a mere dry leaf may hide it!

Through the woods and into a glade we might see Yellow Frinched Orchids, and further on, in the meadow Joe-Pye-Weed, Coreopsis, Rose pinks, and Goldenrods.  And, the woods are full of activity.  It is open season for Ginseng, and everyone is “sanging” and counting their money!

But we are not done yet!  It has gotten cooler, and there is mist in the hills beyond.  The Lobelias, Gentians, and Asters mingle with White Snakeroot, and the withering foliage of summer is heavy with seed.  The breeze is full of tuffs of Milkweed, and Thimbleweed seeds floating by along with the first snow flakes.

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