A New Look

Our blog gets an update with a new look!  The name has also changed from wildflowergardener.wordpress.com  to a more simple name to remember, nantahalanatives.com.

I began the blog this spring and as the season progressed it evolved in a very disorganized manner.  The old format was pretty and showcased the plants well, but searching for plants by color or season was awkward.  As a beginning blogger I did not stand back and look at things in a methodical manner but simply plunged in and started “blogging”.

The blog supports I Pad and smart phone versions.  However, the blog does not display the same in all formats.

Viewed from a computer, the menu has drop downs in several categories.  Click on the arrows and a menu will drop down so you can choose sub topics.  For example, “Season” has 4 choices.

The drop downs are not available in I Pad and Smart phone versions, but clicking on “Menu” should bring down all the categories that you can search on.


One thought on “A New Look

  1. Martha:

    I love the new look and the ability to search on your blog. I also appreciate all the great information you share and the research you do in the garden and in the references. But most of all, I love your personal reflections and the great photography. Thanks! Kristin

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