Basil Bee Balm (White Bergamont) – Monarda clinopolia

monarda clinopodia_0 - Copy

BASIL BALM (Monarda clinopolia) belongs to the  Mint family    

monarda clinopodia_5 

 Growing in loose colonies in areas of filtered light throughout the property are these members of the mint family. The plants are smaller than the Crimson Bee-Balm or the Wild Bergamot.  The white flowers resemble Wild Bergamot in shape and are a true white.  The leaves have a more pronounced mint taste than the bee balms, and when dried they can be used as tea.

monarda clinopodia_1monarda clinopodia_0Copy of monarda clinopodia_2

For a PDF page, click here:  Basil Bee Balm

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