Thimbleweed – Anemone virginiana

anemone virginiana_15

THIMBLEWEED  (Anemone virginiana)  belongs to the  Buttercup family

anemone virginiana_03

The thimbleweed plants have started to flower in the property.  Thimbleweed is tall, slender, with distinctive three lobed serrated leaves.  In the middle of the flower is a little green round mound which will become the “thimble”, so-called because, as seen in the following photograph, it looks very much like a thimble.

anemone virginiana_02

Once the petals fall, the thimble  remains.

anemone virginiana_08

In autumn the seeds, covered with fluff, become airborne and they are dispersed by the wind. Thimbleweed grows readily in Nantahala  in open woods and road banks.

One of its interesting characteristic of thimbleweed is that whereas most summer plants tend to fall over once they reach a certain height, the thimbleweed stands erect.  It can definitely be invited into a flower bed.  As perennials the plants vigorously return every year getting a bit larger, but not spreading.

American Indians used the root both in a tea and a poultice form for a variety of ailments.

For a PDF page, click here: THIMBLEWEED

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