Oxeye Daisy – Leucanthemum vulgare

leumcanthemum vulgare_7

OXEYE DAISY  ( Leucanthemum  vulgare)   belongs to the   Asteraceae family

Wherever you go in the Nantahala area you see these daisies along roadsides and in meadows.  The Oxeyes are non-native to the area, but, like all of us who have come to these mountains and found a home, here they are, year after year.

oxeye daisy_0

They are not quite as large as the cultivated Shasta daisies, and not as fragile and stinky as the Mayweeds.

oxeye daisy_1

They rise from a compact many leaved plant which serves as a good anchor on sloppy terrain.  They make excellent corner plants in beds as they don’t spread and winter out in a rosette.  They are a long-lasting visitor appearing in May and blooming into July.  Insects love them!

For a PDF page, click here: OXEYE DAISY

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