Canada Violet – Viola canadensis

viola canadensis_2CANADA VIOLET  (Viola canadensis)  belongs to the  Violet family

 What makes the Canada Violet different is that although the flower itself looks like an ordinary violet, it grows from a stem which is 10-12- inches tall.  They thrive on rich, wooded slopes, and can be found growing along the road on Chimney Ridge.  Instead of appearing in little clumps like the other violets such as the common blue violet  or in singlets like the halberd-leaved violet, these violets glow in large colonies in the hollows around here or on north facing slopes.

The seed pod in summer…

viola canadensis_1

Copy of viola canadensis_2

Canada violets

growing on Chimney Ridge….

To print a PDF page about the Canada violet, click here: CANADA VIOLET

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